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F16 takeoff
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2014Robinson R66 w/AC FLUSAUS 190739000  A 1 Day
2008Robinson R44 Raven II FLUSAUS 2197130000  A 6 Days
2017Mil 17V-5 RURU 40Call  A 10 Days
1997Bell 407 UAUA 31601700000  U 7 Days
2008Robinson R44 Raven II w/AC FLUSAUS 1458250000  A 13 Days
2006Eurocopter EC135P2+ TXUSAUS 83302250000  U 6 Days
2005Robinson R44 Raven II Newscopt FLUSAUS 998265000  U 14 Days
2005Agusta A119 TXUSAUS 3710975000  U 6 Days
2007Agusta AW119 MKII TXUSAUS 4710Call  U 6 Days
2001Robinson R44 Clipper I w/Pop O FLUSAUS 3833169000  U 6 Days
2018Bell 505 Jet Ranger X TXUSAUS 0Call  U 6 Days
1987Bell 222B TXUSAUS 3029Call  U 6 Days
2002Agusta 109E TXUSAUS 5180850000  U 6 Days
1989Bell 206B3 TXUSAUS 8619Call  U 6 Days

2006Agusta A119 TXUSAUS 4618Call  U 6 Days
2014Robinson R66 FLUSAUS 274749000  U 7 Days
2018Robinson R44 Raven I Cadet FLUSAUS 323360  U 1 Day
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